Practice Areas

Scopel Law Firm has been representing the people of St. Louis since 1989 in Family Law, Personal Injury Law and Estate Law. I strive to excel in these specific areas of law so that you can be certain you are getting the most professional, highly specialized advice in town. My focus means that I can provide you with unparalleled in-depth knowledge and experience - giving you the very best chance to win your case.

Family Law

This includes divorce, child custody/visitation, child support, alimony,
paternity suits, and motions to modify family court decrees. This area of law has become
increasingly specialized over the last ten years. Our attorneys have been doing family
law cases successfully for more than 35 years.

Contract Review


In Missouri we file Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Chapter 7 is a fresh
start. In some cases this allows you to keep all of your possessions, and get rid of most, if not all, of your unsecured debt. If you have lost your job, had unforeseen medical expenses, or simply had some sort of serious financial reversal in your life, we can help. We can stop those creditors from harassing you, and successfully alleviate your financial problems.

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Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Most of our Will appointments take less than 30 minutes.  Contrary to what you may see on T.V., we don’t need a list of everything you own.  A will can be (and should be) a very basic document that dictates two very important things:  1) who gets your estate when you are no longer with us; and 2) who takes care of your minor children.  It need be no more complicated than that.  We can also discuss with you ways to avoid Probate, such as Revocable Trust.  We also offer Living Wills, Beneficiary Deeds and Durable Powers of Attorney.  These “plan ahead” documents can help you avoid unwanted legal expenses later and reduce stress for your family at a most difficult time.


Criminal Defense

This includes everything from traffic tickets, to drunk driving defenses, to other misdemeanors and felonies.  Why come to us for a traffic ticket?  In Missouri you are only allowed 8 points before your license will be suspended.  In many cases we can negotiate with the prosecutor for you and have the charge reduced to a non-moving violation.  This also avoids an increase in insurance rates that accompanies a conviction of a moving violation.  AARP estimates for every ticket you receive it raises your insurance rates an average of $900.00.  In most other criminal cases, we can ask that the court grant you a suspended imposition of sentence, if it is a first offense, keeping the matter from being put on “your record”.  Our attorneys have also handled major felony cases successfully for 35 years.

Contract Review